We are looking for E&I engineers :



— Inspectors certified to Construction Code Inspectors Certification Examination standards 2A, 2B, and 2C or Canadian certified electrical inspector program shall be preferred.

— Inspectors shall demonstrate a thorough working knowledge of the National Electric Code/NFPA 70, IEC or equivalent standards.

— Where inspection of Cathodic Protection equipment is required, inspectors must be able to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the applicable requirements of NACE or equivalent corrosion standards.


— Inspectors shall have three (3) years documented experience in the field of instrumentation and control systems.

— Inspectors shall be familiar with the international Industry Codes and Standards related to Intrinsically Safe Systems and Electrical Systems for Instrumentation such as; ISA RP12.6, ISA RP12.2.02, ISA TR12., ANSI MC96.1, IEEE 518, IEEE 1100, IEC 60529, NEMA ICS 6, NEMA 250, NEMA VE 1, NEMA VE 2, NFPA 70/NEC and UL 94.

— As a minimum, inspectors shall be able to inspect complete loop checking, wiring continuity, color coding, and start up.

If you interested please send your CV to e-mail address: madina.nurkhanova@kz.bureauveritas.com

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