New open position_E&I Supervisor_Prorva 28/28

Please be informed on a new open E&I Supervisor position.

Main requirements:

Technical degree or equivalent certifications.

Minimum 10-15 years of discipline specific construction experience.

Fluent English.

Main responsibilities:

Look ahead to upcoming construction work and ensure contractor is prepared and aligned to successfully complete the work.

Work with the contractor, technical and construction teams to clear any obstacles ahead of planned construction.

Work with other stakeholders, disciplines and trades to resolve technical issues.

Reinforce Safe Work Practices by actively participating in safety meetings both in and out of the construction area.

Ensure adherence to construction schedule.

Ensure installation as per design and relevant specs.

Responsible for receiving and responding to daily construction reports from contractor and construction reps

Participates in response to site queries.

Coordinate with Lead E&I Engineer.

Check and verify physical % progress with planner.

Monitor Contractor performance.

Participate in negotiations fair and reasonable prices for scope changes.

Witness and accept quality assurance testing.

Verify completion of payment milestones.

Check the accuracy of site red line mark-ups prior to as built within assigned engineering discipline.

Work with design contractor regarding constructability issues.

Notify Construction Coordinator & Lead E&I Engineer of construction and schedule concerns.

Ensure material availability prior to installation activities.

Please send appropriate CVs at

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